First Name :   Sharon Wagner
Date :   July 30 2017
Comment :   Hi Brenda I have been doing some work on the Charles family history and in the process began thinking about you and wondering how you and the family are doing. Fred tells me about you every once in a while when we talk on the phone. It was a trip down
First Name :   Fred C
Date :   8/20/2016
Comment :   Always enjoy looking. Awesome site!!
First Name :   Fred C
Date :   1/16/2016
Comment :   What a tremendous picture legacy. will be treasured in the coming years!
First Name :   Fred
Date :   4/4/2015
Comment :   It continues to grow with such a great contribute to Family!
First Name :   Fred C
Date :   10/19/2013
Comment :   Ever growing. Great!!!!
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